Table 1 Arab Spring Event Time Line Relative to Data Collection Months for Iraq, Saudi Arabia, Lebanon, Egypt, and Turkey
12/10TunisiaNationwide protests following street vendor's
self-immolation in protest of his unpermitted
fruit cart seizure.
1/11TunisiaViolent protests followed by fleeing of authoritarian
president to Saudi Arabia.
EgyptTahrir Square protests demanding resignation of
2/11YemenMass protests against ruling president.
EgyptResignation of Mubarak; temporary transfer of
powers to military.
BahrainMass protests followed by military crackdown by king
with assistance from SA.
LibyaProtests begin in Benghazi, followed by armed
uprising against Muammar el-Qaddafi.
3/11SyriaProtesters call for political freedom in city of Deraa.
Quickly spreads to other cities. Government
responds with violent crackdown.
LibyaWestern coalition intervenes in conflict, staging
airstrikes against Qaddafi's troops, turning the
tide in favor of the protesters.
8/11LibyaRebel troops enter the capital and Qaddafi goes into
10/11LibyaQaddafi found and killed by mob.
TunisiaIn first election since Arab Spring revolts began,
Tunisians elect a moderate Islamist party.
11/11YemenPresident resigns.
1/12EgyptIslamist parties win 70% of seats in first
parliamentary election since Mubarak's ouster.
6/12EgyptMubarak tried and found guilty on charges of
accessory to and attempted murder of 2011
protesters. Sentenced to life in prison.
Islamic group Muslim Brotherhood candidate wins
first democratic presidential election.
11/12EgyptPresident issues decree giving himself broad new
powers, including placing himself above the
authority of the courts.
6/13SyriaUN announces death toll in continuing conflict has
topped 90,000 and >1 million Syrians are refugees.
Opposition forces becoming more fractured and
dominated by extremist groups, many with
connections to Al Qaeda.
7/13EgyptMilitary coup removes president from office and
detains him in secret location, triggering weeks of

Notes: Dark shading indicates data collection months for each sample country; lighter shading indicates months (events) preceding data collection months for each sample country. SA = Saudi Arabia. Time line events are according to the New York Times (“Timeline” 2013).