TABLE 1. Attributes Associated with Modernity and Valued by Developmental Idealism
National Resources and Social Structure
 Wealth and health
 Technological sophistication
 Industrial and urban society
Social Institutions
 Free and open markets
 Educated citizenry
 Democratic social and political institutions
Social Norms and Values
 Pluralistic norms and laws
 An emphasis on the individual, rather than family and community
 Human rights
 Secularism (including the separation of church and state)
 Scientific-rational decision making
Individual and Family Arrangements
 Marriages contracted at mature ages by the younger generation
 Planned and low fertility
 Gender egalitarianism
 High degree of personal autonomy and self-expression
 Clothing styles of northwest Europe
  • Note: The table is intended to provide an illustrative list of the central elements of the DI cultural model rather than an exhaustive list.