BIC and AIC of regression models predicting self-rated health


Note: Models in bold have lowest fit statistics.

1Model descriptions: (1) Baseline model: no interactions or random coefficients, no controls. (2) Gender-by-healthy-eating interaction, no controls. (3) Baseline model + controls. (4) Baseline + random coefficients. (5) Gender-by-healthy-eating interactions, no random coefficients. (6) Gender-by-healthy-eating interaction, random coefficients. (7) Gender-by-healthy-eating interactions, random coefficients for main and interaction terms. (8) GDP-by-gender and GDP-by-healthy-eating interactions, random coefficients for both. (9) Three-way-interaction, random coefficients for all individual-level coefficients.

2Controls include all variables listed in Table 1. Models vary in their interactions between logged GDP per capita, gender, and healthy eating frequency.